Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live in Dreams,Sunday Girl...

Zara blazer, Dynamite t-shirt, Le Chateau scarf, Gap jeans, Aldo shoes, Michael Kors bag, Burberry sunglasses

Me doing an outfit post may be one of the signs of the apocalypse but I just treated myself to a new camera, the Nikon D3000, and I thought why not? Please forgive my supremely disheveled and volumeless hair. We swung by Jean Talon Market this morning, playing with the camera and, after being tempted by absolutely everything, we picked up some interesting cheeses and crazy-looking mushrooms. So we'll be having wine and cheese and a baguette for supper tonight (while watching My Bloody Valentine -the original of course- cause we're a little odd like that).

After some market research (ugh, sorry) we explored some forgotten corners of our neighborhood, following random paths around run-down buildings. You always find interesting things that way. In the interest of full disclosure I did wear leopard flats to the market!

Are you hungry yet?


  1. You look casually chic!! COngrats on your camera.....I have a Nikon DX it:)

    Have a fashionable day!
    Statements in Fashion

  2. so beautiful. farmer's markets are the best.

  3. Hi Liv~

    Congrats on your new camera! So exciting. And I love this look. Casual but pulled together.

    Thanks for including me on your blogroll and for stopping by G&G. I'm adding youto my blogroll page as well.


    ♥ V

  4. you look great girl! beautiful pics!

  5. Oh my God! you just made my day! Another fellow Montrealer ;) And posting pictures from the lovely Marche J-T! You see I am originally from Montreal but have been living abroad for about 3.5 years in Amsterdam and in Singapore. I do love my home city and actually when I am back I often go the marche as my parents live 5 minutes away! I love that neighborhood! great blog ;)


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