Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

So named for the colour of my eyes today.

Good morning, lovelies! So sorry for the absence but I spent the long weekend in New York! I'm flat broke and exhausted but sublimely happy. At least I was, I'm at work now so not so much with the happy anymore. I just want to go back to bed!

My love and I headed down Friday morning and met up with our friends Saturday night (and more friends Sunday night!). It was gorgeous and sunny all weekend, we did lots of shopping (I finally got the YSL arty oval ring! Woohoo!), walked absolutely everywhere, took little sandwich breaks in Bryant Park ( I love you, spicy hummus baguette from Le Pain Quotidien), had dinner at Butter (which they should consider renaming Salt), after seeing the line-up at Tenjune we opted for the bottle service at Cielo, where we happily made total asses of ourselves and realized how old I was Sunday morning as I slowly recovered, downed lots of yummy Stumptown coffee, enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon in Central Park, scarfed down a big-ass family style dinner at Carmine's and made a brief stop at Woodbury Commons. And the Ace Hotel? Absolutely incredible. I was so sad when we left that the sweetheart at checkout hugged me. Aside from the hours of waiting around at the border coming home it was perfect.

And now I'm here. Blearly eyed and foggy headed. Is it 5pm yet?

image via fashion gone rogue

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