Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shearling, baby!

Okay, so we're in the midst of a heatwave, but these jackets are irresistable!

And it seems I missed my own blogoversary! Looks like my birthday denial has spread to my blog (How often can one feasibly turn 29?)! Anyway, August 18th Idle Fascination turned a year old, trying to walk, making funny word-like sounds... ahhh, they grow up so fast! Thanks everyone for reading and for your lovely comments, your sweetness regularly makes my day! xx


  1. Ahhh.....they are all gorgeous.....just another reason to want the chilly air to arrive!!
    Have a great day!

  2. I love it!!
    Have an old sheep skin Jacket I got in a charity shop when I was 14 that I am definately going to send to the cleaners.....

  3. Happy late blog-a-versary! (What an odd word to type!)

    Hope your day is great. <3

  4. definitely THE coat to have this winter! LOVE it

  5. I used to hate shearling coats but these pictures look so nice i now think I need one. ;)


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