Saturday, October 23, 2010

Liv's Day Off

Topshop jacket, Kersh sweater, AA leggings, Michael Kors bag, Zara boots, YSL ring

Sorry I've been posting so sporadically lately, my days feel about ten hours long lately when I could use thirty-six (please check out my Halloween-themed guest post at I Know, Right? for evidence that I'm not quite as lazy as I seem! And also because Jen's blog is incredibly fabulous!).  But taking the day off yesterday was well worth it, I finally got my hair did: I went with a collarbone length angled bob with bangs in a rich dark shade. The permanent colour is only on the roots and the rest is a gloss so the ends should lighten with my old honey-ish highlights coming through. I can't wait to see how my hair changes over the next couple of weeks.
It's more than a little wind-blown, but you get the idea.
 Melissa's gorgeous Michael Kors boots
Huddling for warmth

Afterwards I met up with my lovely friends Sonia and Melissa for some sample sale madness at the Beyond the Rack Warehouse Sale (the first one for the online private sale retailer). It was freezing but we were kept warm by high hopes of the awesomeness we would find inside. No such luck: the sale began at noon and we arrived after 4pm, and it had thoroughly been raped and pillaged. Case in point:

Transparent blue multi-animal print drawstring pants. How I've managed to live without these for so long, I cannot say...
Note the plethora of pink terrycloth behind me.

Sure a couple of luxury items caught my eye, like an adorable green Balenciaga (1099$) and a YSL canvas tote that seemed oddly overpriced (899$), but my limited budget does not a Balanciaga fit. Besides, after all that Ed Hardy and pink Juicy Couture we were fist pumping our way out the door faster than you can say GTL. And so off to stuff ourselves with insanely delicious Greek food, followed by a lackluster (aside from the company) night out at Gasbar. Could there really be a person left on this Earth that still wants to hear Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling? It gives me the feeling that I want to stick BBQ prongs in my ears just to end the suffering.

Do I sound grumpy? I don't mean to, I'm actually in a fantastic mood! And the best part about having Friday off? The weekend's just getting started! I'm off to do a little shopping at Zone now, lovelies, have an amazing weekend!!xx


  1. Omg I would be like a wild animal at that sale. LOL! How fun! And those blue animal print pants are just awesome. Wow. :P

  2. hey! I am blogging out of Montreal too - I am a student at Concordia studying creative writing and I am always so happy when i find great bloggers in this city! What you involved in fashion here?

  3. I really like your boots!!!
    Thank you very much for your comment on our blog! we liked yours. we´re following you!!


  4. sounds like such a cool sale! and where did you buy your YSL ring?

  5. @ Catita: I actually got it at the YSL store in New York the last time I was there, I wanted to order it off Net-a-Porter but when I think about shipping fees, my ass begins to twitch. :-)

  6. I love your photos...the colours of the tree work so well with you and your outfit! :)

  7. Aw, that sucks that the sale was already picked over when you got there. It sounds like it would've been such an awesome event!
    And fjdghljkdfhgkfd that stupid Black Eyed Peas song, oh my gosh. I hate it so much that it makes me want to keysmash in anger! Ha!

  8. So we've got the same hairstyle hun!! You look amazing! <3
    Love your comment on I've got a feeling... that's exactly what I'd like to do whenever I hear it!! :D

    Thanks a lot for the sweet comment, it was great to have you on my blog! :)


  9. Your hair looks gorgeous -- love the color -- and those boots are to DIE for!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  10. Love the new hair cut! You look fantastic. Sounds like a fun time (if only our budgets were limitless) and looked cute too xx


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