Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Post: DIY Organic Face Cream

Last night I paid a visit to my gorgeous and talented friend Naomi (of NomiOrganics, site coming soon!), by the time I went home I had a tummy full of delicious home-cooked food, freshly plucked eyebrows and a gorgeous smelling, super supple, freshly made organic day cream (mine had extra lavender)! Luckily for us, she's sharing some of her secrets:
Naomi in her fridge full of goodies

Creams, creams, and more creams! Winter is coming and Iʼm sure lots of you have noticed that your skin is starting to change. Before you run out to buy the most expensive looking cream that promises you the sun, moon and stars, back up for a minute and take a look at the ingredients. It might shock you to know that there are phtalates, carcinogens and irritants lurking around in that moisturizer of yours! Rather than giving in and buying them anyway, stop, and listen to what these ingredients are telling you: “I have LOTS of moisturizing ingredients, which is great because I have lots of moisture-stripping ingredients in here too, and I need to compensate, so buy me for $100 and donʼt ask any questions!” Hereʼs a handy check box with what you should always avoid.
Once you go through your checkbox, youʼll probably find that even “organic” brands, are not so organic. The problem lies within different organizations and their respective definitions of what organic actually is. Even a USDA certified organic product could have up to 5% of unorganic materials, and in a creamʼs make-up, you only need a few parabens to be successful in what you want them for (preservatives). So, where does that leave the modern consumer? Completely and utterly confused.
You can make your own cosmetics extremely easily and cheaply too! And of course, since you are making your own cosmetics, you know what youʼre putting on your skin. For example, at the end of a workday, did you know that glycerin mixed with a little bit of olive oil is an EXCELLENT make-up remover and cleanser for your skin? Just rub it on and rinse it off with a wet washcloth- your skin will love it! As for your skin cream, use aloe vera and mix it up with your favourite oils: almond, chia, grapeseed, olive... whatever your fancy! And then you can throw in my absolute favourite new oil: carrot seed essential oil (about $12 for 15ml), along with whatever your skin type needs.
Oily? Try oregano and tea tree and throw in some clay powder. Normal? Try frankincense with neroli and patchouli. Mature? Try frankincense with rose, jasmine,bergamot and marjoram. There are a million combinations out there and Iʼll be shocked if you canʼt make your own in a few seconds.
creamy goodness, shaken, not stirred

Still confused about which mix is right for you? If you're in the Montreal area and would like a more hands-on approach, Naomi offers two-hour workshops for 40$ per person, in which you'll go home with your own face cream and knowledge of how to make it in the future. Contact Naomi at NomiOrganics: 514-618-3295.


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  3. I think I will make some!! Winters here dry me completely out! Thanks for the info


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