Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eyes Without a Face (or, mask without a costume)

My posts at this time last year were chock full of inspirational Halloweeny editorials. This year I kind of dropped the ball a little, opting instead to cuddle on the couch with my man and whatever random scary-ish movie we encounter on our channel surfing adventures. (Although this evening I raided HMV and brought home Evil Dead II, Sleepaway Camp and both Hellraisers at six bucks a pop for our viewing pleasure. Yes, people still buy movies).

I also can't help but feel I've dropped the ball on the costume front as well. I'm usually all amped to transform myself into some pop culturey something or other, but this year, I got nothin'. At the boyfriend's suggestion (and after seeing all those awesome Vogue Paris Anniversary party photos), I opted to go the masquerade route, picking up an ornate, feathery black and gold mask, but I have no clue what to wear with it! Help!

Here are some of the aforementioned awesome Vogue Paris Masquerade photos, for your enjoyment, let's hope they contribute to my lightbulb moment:


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