Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween weekend, my evil little pretties! It's my favorite holiday! Do you have any plans lined up? Epic costumes months in the making or feeling the pressure of coming up with a last minute stroke of genius? My Rocky Horror plans fell through last night because advance tickets were sold out and who has the time or the desire to line up a few hours before the show. I may watch it at home and throw toast at the television. The boyfriend will love that! Tonight's festivities are up in the air as there's a disturbing lack of Halloweeny fervour among my immediate circle of friends (except for you, my darling!) but Sunday we're having some friends over for lots of (both intentionally and unintentionally)scary movies and decidedly calorically terrifying foods! I'm most excited about that! I wanted to decorate and show you guys the results but there was nothing left anywhere! Christmas galore! GAHHH!!

Have a spooktacular weekend! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA xx

image via ru_glamour


  1. my friends have also been having a very low key halloween - honestly I've been going to events and parties on my own and I have met so many people/also gotten a chance to hang out with friends I havent seen in a while. Its fun to branch out, especially when there is so much going on in Montreal this weekend! Enjoy scary movies tonight!

  2. Happy Halloween for you! enjoy it!
    nice make up in the pic <3


  3. i went to a party and drank entirely too much, woops

  4. grease singalong at cinema du parc? I wish I knew about this!


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