Sunday, December 5, 2010

Around the house

Mmm.... a lazy Sunday in. Fresh bagels, Freaks and Geeks. Youse guys. You know, the good stuff! Here's a few shots from around the house today...

My new Sorel boots! I'm sooo ready for winter now.
My little gold Christmas tree gives me a happy.
The King.
That little art project I was working on. It doesn't look as awesome as I'd hoped,
but maybe it'll still work over the couch. Needs more puzzle pieces maybe?

Happy rest of weekend!!!xx


  1. I love your holiday house! I have that Warhol print too, one of my faves, WAIT!! actually I got it in Canada at a Warhol exhibit curated by David was amazing!! Also love that you say "youse" is very South Philly! xoxo

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  3. I heard Sorel boots were the IT thing this winter in Canada? Ill soon be back home and can check for myself. I know how cold it gets an all but I am just not sure...I just had a post of which winter boots to buy and I think it will be the UGG's then again there is no need as snow is already melting in the Netherlands!
    But I do LOVE your art project, it is simple yet chic! I say you put it up!


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