Monday, December 27, 2010

Five Favorite Blog Discoveries in 2010!

No doubt Leandra's hysterical blog celebrating sartorial contreceptives is inspiring a hell
of a lot of "lady boners". Introducing "birth control glasses", "temple toppers", and,
of course, "things that look like vaginas" into our fashion lexicon is a priceless gift.

Charming, unpretentious and super funny, Carey and Rob's blog is a labour of love from
a fashion maven and a wine lover that really makes you wish they lived next door.

V is like the fairy godmother of the blogosphere. Not merely content to produce a
kick ass blog of her own she's devoted so much time and energy to helping the rest
of us produce better blogs. Eye candy and food for thought, who could ask for more?

Homemade donuts... drooool. I actually discovered this blog recently while
searching for foodie Christmas basket inspiration and I was so pleasantly surprised to
find this lovely site emphasizing loccal, sustainable food, with recipes, cookbook reviews
and so many resources in Montreal. Step one to a healthy happy New Year!

Unfairly gorgeous and flawlessly stylish this Swedish fashion editor has an enviable
wardrobe that's equal parts sexy, laid-back and effortlessly chic. Absolutely stunning.
How I heart the Swedes.

This list could have been way longer because there are so many of your blogs that I adore but I'm lazy and have a short attention span, and I need to get out of here and do somne shopping, so there you have it! ;-)


  1. oh wow... you are too, too kind... blushing!

    right back at ya. and happy holidays... hope you are staying warm!

  2. Aw, thank you Liv!!! I am incredibly flattered!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  3. I love G&G - glad you mentioned her! Interested to check out Corks & Caftans. Sounds like my husband and I - but we don't blog about the wine! I am headed over there now to see what yummy wines I can try next and maybe get a fashion tip for me!

  4. What a great list. I'm a rabid fan of G&G, and have laughed my head off at the Man Repeller, so now off to explore your other mentions. And I've discovered you: what is it with Canadian bloggers being best kept secrets with kick-ass blog posts?

  5. love all those posts! if you like vintage please come and check out our blog and site!


  6. This is too too funny...I just stumbled upon your blog and noticed that your name is name is Liv and that you live in Montreal...I live in Montreal! Haha!

    I'm following you :) xox

  7. Gonna check out everyone but the Man Repeller since she's already on my blog roster. heh. Thanks.

  8. Fantastic, love new discoveries. Going to check them all out :)

    I hope you have a fantastic new years eve love, and may 2011 be all that you wish for.. <3

  9. i like the first photo a lot:)xx check it out if you have free time:) hope that you will find it interesting xx

  10. Ok, let's talk about that hat in the first picture... Can you say GORGEOUS???

  11. Oh and Sweetie, have you added your city to Location Central yet? It's where you can see who blogs by you. We're all on there!!

  12. I am going to check out all of these now.

  13. Hey girl!! THanks so much for stopping by and leaving me your lovely opinion!! It does matter! LOL
    I am off to check out these blogs! I do have to say though that V at Grit and Glamour is an AMAZING blogger! She is like the fairy godmother, I love her so!!!


  14. I love this list so much. It's a great selection of blogs that I too have fallen in love with this year.

    I'm reposting this on my blog, which I hope is okay with you!

    Keep up the good work!

    Sarah -

  15. Love the Man Repeller--off to check out these other blogs! Happy New Year!

  16. i loveeeeee the man repeller.

  17. great finds
    happy new year!


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