Friday, December 31, 2010

Put on your party face!

Happy New Year's Eve loves! What are your plans for tonight? The boyfriend and I are headed over to my oldest friend's house for a low-key assemblage of some of our favorite people. Before that I need to whip up some chipotle hummus (my first crack at hummus, I have high hopes), hit the liquor store and figure out what to wear! I finally scored this jacket I've been stalking for months until acceptably discounted as well as these gorgeous shoes in a stunning suede cobalt, so maybe they'll make an appearance tonight.

But right now... it's pancake time!!!

Thanks so much for reading and for all your wonderful comments. Have a fantastic night and see you next year!xx

image via fashion gone rogue


  1. Thanks for a great year of inspiration and support Liv! Have a Happy New Years!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Hi Liv, sounds great! Just tried making houmus for the first time to,IT TURNED OUT PRETTY GOOD! You can use sesame oil instead of tahinni. Which I was told was less expensive, fresh coriander is lovely chopped in at the last minuite!Have a great evening, see you soon! Sharon xx

  3. Parker rules. Well done! Happy NY!


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