Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Wept.

So this morning I came into work to learn that some asshat had helped themselves to the contents of the food drive collection box, enjoying a couple of packets of Lipton soup mix and chowing down of 5 out of 6 granola bars. Yesterday, I did notice that there was an open box of soup packets there and asked myself, "What kind of twit puts an open box of food in there?" Way worse. So is this a case of simple ignorance or pure unadulterated assholery? Yesterday a friend's Facebook status informed me that somebody had decided to abandon their puppy by tying him to a tree in the freezing rain (he took him home). Today, I read this epic post by Carrie of  This Free Bird,  involving brawling felines, nude motorists, poo nazis and old Barbie legs, and I've pretty much concluded that the world's gone mad.

I wish you saner days...
image via Fashion Gone Rogue

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