Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the Season for Conspicuous Consumption!

My absence here is inexcusable! This is the longest I've gone without blogging and I sincerely hope it's the record. The past couple of weeks have been a blur of workplace upheaval, Christmas shopping and hosting our first party last weekend (which was awesome by the way!). I never did get around to compiling that holiday gift guide (yes, they're everywhere but I'm a sucker for a good gift guide), so I thought I'd share a few items that have come into my life recently: either received by me as gifts, given by me as gifts or given to me, from me, as "gifts". And if any of them inspire you in your gift giving endeavors, even better!

Thirty-two years spent living in Montreal and I still can't deal with winter. Well, until now. That magnificent boyfriend of mine gifted me the Canada Goose parka I've been wanting (looking for one? Skip Holt Renfrew & Style Exchange and head straight to Azimut). Sure, in conjunction with my Sorel boots I now look like I'm wearing the Montreal winter uniform but I'm way too warm and comfy and happy to care about being a cliché.

I won't reveal too much of what I bought, just in case. But I have four nephews who certainly don't read this blog. No need to break my head over this one: X Box 360 with Kinect! Will I get a chance to play with it? I'm not holding my breath.
 My too-awesome-for-words friend Nadia gave us this gorgeous cherry red Le Creuset whistling kettle as a housewarming present. Love it!
I love beautiful books, so I was ecstatic when I recently received Lonely Planet's stunning (and huge!) Travel Book. Especially since I came thisclose to buying it for myself last week but just didn't feel like lugging it around. I love giving books as well, and this years' batch includes Kat von D's The Tattoo Chronicles, Montreal's Best BYOB Restaurants & Slash by Slash.
I've been stocking up on long cozy sweaters to wear with leggings and skinny jeans, my winter uniform. These are from Club Monaco, Zara and French Connection. The one on the left is insanely soft, the middle one is reassuringly chunky and the one on the right has adorable bow details all down the back. Sweaters make me feel like I'm wearing a hug.
On a recent jaunt to Sephora I picked up two new products: a moisturizer (my usual drugstore fave just wasn't cutting it for winter) and an eye make-up primer recommended by my favorite rock chick Mel. Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is pretty much perfect (save the lack of SPF, but turns out that product does exist). And Kat von D's High Voltage Eye Primer would have been perfect, had I not absent-mindedly bought the cinder-hued Smoky one instead of the lighter Skin shade. It really does work though (my make-up tends to vanish into thin air by mid-day) so I'm holding on to this one and adding the lighter on my next shopping trip. I also got myself the Crazy Heart lipgloss set from Nars, the colours are just gorgeous. The very tomato-y looking Babe in particular is surprisingly flattering. Any of these would make a kick ass stocking stuffer for the beauty junkie in your life.
Happy shopping, lovelies! Oh, how I've missed you so!xx


  1. hey! no posts in a while! glad to know you are fine and that you are indeed a Montreal with the Canada Goose and the Sorel boots, I was shocked at the amount of ppl all wearing it! They do look good, and guess who else got one!? My bf but we live in Holland...and I still find it too warm for Montreal weather so now Holland... Oh well as long as he is happy then I am too ;)


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