Monday, December 20, 2010

Not-So-Little Boots

Zara blazer, Pleasure Doing Business skirt, Guess boots

Saturday night I headed out to Koko to attend my boyfriend's Office Christmas party after-party, as I have several friends who are former and current employees of that company. It was substantially more fun than my own office Christmas party last week which, despite delivering a few laughs, lacked the Monday-morning gossip fodder of years past. So here's a little outfit post, as it's been awhile. I've always found dressing up in the winter to be rather challenging on the footwear front but these boots (nabbed at Winners last year) have incredible traction. And so I managed to elude my annual winter wipe-out for one more day...

It also occured to me that yesterday's post is pretty contradictory to my whole money diet thing I've been going on and on about. But I'd been so good for the past month, managing to save up all the money I needed that I gave in to a couple of shopping impulses. I do have to keep myself in check though.

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  1. Traction is key, my friend. Key. I've always wanted a PDB skirt! Yours is badical. Happy holidays!!!



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