Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Plight of the Canadian Party Girl

Ordinarily sub-zero temperatures and city streets hidden under gobs of formerly white snow and a slush swamp reminiscent of the Bog of Eternal Stench don't inspire me to spend my nights shivering, lining up outside of clubs while salt eats away at very inappropriate footwear. I'll be blissfully happy to stay in with my man and my shoes, where we'll all be safe and warm. Unfortunately, all those inconsiderate parents procreating in the spring roughly three decades ago have resulted in a slew of birthday parties for the next few weekends. My parents were awesome, they brought you all the gift of me in the balmy month of July, not only facilitaing your sartorial choices for those outings that celebrate my existance but also giving you all a more than adequate 6 month recovery period from your crippling holiday shopping debts. Thank you Mom and Dad!

But seriously... how the hell do you all get dressed up in the winter? Do you eschew the chic in favor of the practical or does style conquer all (even the weather). Do you have a go-to party outfit formula you rely on? Dear readers, I implore you: help me look good so my beloved friends have something pretty to look at on their special day!


  1. I fear that most of the time, I do not look good in the winter. I WANT to, but waking up at 6:45 AM when it's freezing makes it difficult to select a good outfit.

    My goal is to have my style conquer the weather...someday :)

    The Belle Fatale

  2. I ran my a** away from Canada 10 years ago for this very reason. Round about January you could find me huddled beneath a pile of blankets with a stack of movies (pre-Netflix), a heap of aero and wunderbar chocolate bars and maybe a bag or 2 of ketchup chips. Then at 2am when the bar let out, my friend would call me to pick her up and it only took an hour to get across the city on a sheet of ice only to have her come running out of the doors to endure the cold for as little as possible where she inevitably slipped on snow covered ice and landed on her head with one $500 shoe in a drift and the other resting peacefully around her head.

    Oh no to snow. That's my motto.

    When I return home I think knee high leather boots, skinny jeans, bulky knits or fitted t's and chunky jewelry beneath some sort of fantastic mackage jacket.

    This is all I have. It is my one cold weather staple. I hope it aids in your birthday extravaganzas.

    Thus ends the world's longest comment:)

    I do LOVE to find Canadian bloggers, though!!


  3. OMG, Carrie. That comment brought me unspeakable joy.


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