Monday, April 25, 2011

Five little dresses... and a winner!

All Saints Aztec dress, Topshop orange cutaway halter dress, All Saints Bleach breton Uma dressH&M chiffon dress, Bird by Juicy Couture Lydia dress

Five little dresses that really, really want to hop in my suitcase and come to South Beach with me. But I think I'm going to have to shop my closet on this one...

However, one lucky reader will get to go shopping! The winner of the 100$ Shopbop Giveaway is...
the hilarious Carrie from This Free Bird, proving once and for all that procrastination can pay off, at least according to and the Shopbop Gods!
Congratulations Carrie!! You'll be contacted by Shopbop shortly! Let me know what you get!xx


  1. Holy Mother of SHOPBOP I WON THIS GIVEAWAY!!!

    Woman I owe you BIG TIME...if not for you the damned migraine would have sucked the life out and I would have nodded off into never never land missing out on the goods. HOLLAR!!

    Get over to my blog - it could be your turn: I'm hosting a kendall k. giveaway for her "Amanda" dress - it is flowy, fabulous and perfect for spring/summer. Get!


  2. Carrie is so lucky!!! That was an amazing giveaway! As for the dresses, I recognize the one from H&M, it is really lovely and at a very reasonable price, I say go for it bella!
    PS: thanks for that sweet comment on my blog!

  3. Totally love those frocks too! Adorbs!

    Thanks for your super sweet comment on my post last week. I was so touched and truly appreciate it.


  4. Oh my lord.. All those dresses are GORGEOUS!
    That first one, and the colourssss.
    How could you possibly not get them..?!

    Liv <3


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