Thursday, April 21, 2011

Style Stalker: Zanna Roberts Rassi

This adorable, and crazy stylish, Marie Claire editor has been popping up on street style blogs everwhere, as well as this little blog of mine here and here. Her smile is contagious, her style is at once inspirational and relatable, she never looks like she's trying to hard and yet her looks always leave you wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?" Here are some of my favorite looks:

I now feel the undeniable need to add a plaid shirt, aviators and white denim to my wardrobe.
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Nice segue, huh?


  1. I follow her style too!

  2. Damn the girl has style! What I really love is that her looks aren't oozing designer labels. Rather It's simply chic. It makes it seem so much more accessible to everyone else who isn't an editor at a fashion magazine. I LOVE the second look, it's so effortlessly chic and casual, if those two words even go together. Definitely adding a sweater like that to the shopping list.

    The Pink Monocle

  3. Wow, she looks stunning in everything! I will be on the look out for her!

  4. she is amazing! and i love her hair, loose and pulled up and summery.

  5. really, im in love with that girls wardrobe...she doesn´t look like she is trying to hard!

  6. She is gorgeous, and there is no faulting any of these looks.
    Her style is flawless!

    Liv <3

  7. She has an amazing style, love her! Really like all you style stalker posts, you have a beautiful blog..following :)

  8. She's so skinny and is living a dream life... *Sigh*


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