Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coup d'Coeur

I don't work in the best neighborhood. Truth be told I've had to side-step syringes littering the street on more than one occasion. That's what makes finding an oasis like De farine et d'eau fraîche so incredibly wonderful. If I walk up Amherst street about a block or so, there nestled among the vintage furniture shops (also definitely worth a look) is the most adorable little jewel of a bakery that feels like my own personal little slice of heaven whenever I go there. (And nary a crackhead to be found).

Lunch! Half a grilled cheese sandwich and broccoli soup.
Topped off with a delicious organic latte for the road.
I've tried most of the sandwiches: the grilled steak, pear and gorgonzola panini is also a must try.

The homemade caramels are absolutely delicious, my favorites so far are
the fleur de sel and chocolate chipotle.
The gorgeous little cakes start at 60$ a pop but one look at how exquisitely crafted they are almost makes it seem like a bargain. I don't know if I'd have the heart to slice into one though.

I am head over heels in love with the fresh, whimsical design of this enchanting little bakery.
The design was done by Montreal-based Surface 3.
Next stop: Wonderland.

1701 rue Amherst


  1. oh wow that place looks great! A must try when I am back home ;)
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