Friday, April 6, 2012

Blogger Lovin': Pocketful of Posies

Floral pants. Until recently the mere idea summoned up hive-inducing flashbacks of my drawstring-waisted floral palazzo pants circa 1993 (paired with a bodysuit and a crocheted vest, naturally). *shudder*.  But the recent crop of botanic-heavy skinnies and slim-cut trousers have me reconsidering, particularly noteworthy is this wallet-friendly pair by H&M. While we've seen lots of floral on floral lately, I prefer them styled as these ladies have: cropped at the ankles with sexy heels and simple tops.
Elink Kling via Harper's Bazaar
Viva Luxury
The Fashion Guitar
Mi Armario en Ruinas


  1. Cropped and wore with heels is the way to go, these ladies all look fabulous!

    Scarr xx

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