Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take Me To The Beach!

via fashion gone rogue

Oh how I've missed you!! I'm spending this lovely day off catching up on your blogs and vacation shopping! The boyfriend and I are looking for a week-long sweet escape this May. I thought I had pretty much settled on Turks & Caicos (the Providenciales/Grace Bay area) but now I've started looking into Grand Cayman and Barbados as well. And then I got even more distracted and threw in Barcelona for kicks. Though I'm not sure it will be warm enough in May to take advantage of the beach. Basically all we need is a beautiful beach with fantastic food, not uber-touristy, not too many kids, a place we can explore by foot and rental car, checking out local shops and visiting different beaches... a little nightlife would be great but hey, if partying was the most important thing to us, we'd go back to Vegas. We probably can't go wrong with any of these options but I'm definitely open to suggestions. Where should we go?


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