Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liv Loves: Body Rock TV

I started BodyRocking this week, at first I created a sort of mash-up of exercises using various BodyRock workouts and Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and finally followed the most recent BodyRock workout this morning, throwing in a much-needed ab bonus. I don't have any of the equipment so I went with the modifications and used an online interval timer. I'm also attempting to make healthier choices when it comes to my meals, which aren't too bad really, however my Achilles heel is definitely portion control (um, and Cheetos. The crunchy kind). The short-term motivation? My trip to Turks and Caicos next month! However I'm approaching this as a long-term lifestyle change: I want to be stronger, have more energy and I'm not gonna lie, looking smokin' hot wouldn't be bad either. But I can be lazy, so I definitely need to kick myself in the butt.

For those of you unfamiliar with the BodyRock home workout movement, it's basically quick, high intensity living room friendly workouts that primarily utilize your own bodyweight. Think twelve minutes a day couldn't possibly make a difference? Why not try? And for those of you thinking that the images on the site look too porn-y to be taken seriously, look beyond, press play, read the posts and the truly inspirational comments from BodyRockers everywhere. I'm completely obsessed with Lisa Marie: I think her charming Brit accent is actually tricking me into torturing myself. In a good way.

Are you all kicking your butts into high gear for the upcoming summer season? Do you ave any recommendations? Or even better, delicious healthy recipe ideas? I've got a gorgeous bunch of rapini to cook up with garlic and cherry tomatoes tonight. Yum!


  1. ...Aaaaand I just ate the better part of a Lindt 70% dark chocolate bar. Oops.

  2. I just ate dark chocolate too :p

  3. I did BodyRock when Zuzana was on it, and was doing it everyday, but kind of got out of the habit when she left. Still, I definitely think there's something to the HIIT/Tabata style of training they do - I was sore Every. Single. Day. Recently I found Zuzana has a channel on YouTube and have done a couple of her workouts. I just really like her. Anyhoozle - I've also been trying to do one or two protein smoothies a day, at least for a while, but the side effects are not great. Ahem. I posted about them earlier this week if you want to check them out. Good luck with your workouts!!

  4. Holy crow, that woman's body is INSANE. And...I just ate dark chocolate too?! LOL. Man alive...i can't take my eyes off that woman's bod. If I had a body like that, I would be such a snob.


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